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Our live streaming solutions use the most recent technology to deliver high quality live video almost instantly from anywhere in the world. Using cellular bonding technology, we can deliver 4K/HD/SD video in sub second delay. The LiveU LU800 – the latest product on the market – offers up to 4K quality and 4G+5G modems for super high speed cellular internet connection. This technology enables you to arrive quickly to breaking news locations without depending on satellite technology, and your ability to broadcast from the scene is almost immediate upon arrival. With no need for an elaborate set-up, you get the delivery speed your viewers expect from you.

Thanks to this cellular bonding technology, we can also offer live broadcasting from virtually any location. You can broadcast press conferences and events where there is no SNG access or satellite visibility. You can broadcast live air shots from helicopters, planes or quadcopters, and you can broadcast from almost any moving vehicle on the road or on the water.

Liveshot Productions offers a full, live, daily package that includes an experienced, English-speaking cameraman, camera and cellular bonding portable encoder of your choice from different leading manufacturers.

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Additionally to TV and News production, we are always open to new projects. Liveshot will help you bring your vision to life by giving you full support, technical knowledge, experience, and professionalism.