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Documentaries are among the most powerful and emotionally compelling forms of media available. They are nonfictional films that record fact in order for an audience to become better informed, learned or enlightened about a topic of which they had little or no prior knowledge. They are unscripted accounts of real stories that are now one of the most widely consumed forms of entertainment.

We see ourselves as brand ambassadors when we collaborate with you. We appreciate your faith in us and take it very seriously. We behave as partners because we want to feel like partners. We’re dedicated to sharing the most compelling and authentic story possible.

Our first priority is to gain a thorough understanding of you and your brand so that we can articulate your vision and values. You have little worth unless we can tell evocative stories that will truly resonate with your audience. 

You bring your story, and we bring the experience, the know-how and the technical equipment.

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We are a leading provider of services, solutions, and equipment for broadcasting TV, news, documentary and media production worldwide.

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Additionally to TV and News production, we are always open to new projects. Liveshot will help you bring your vision to life by giving you full support, technical knowledge, experience, and professionalism.