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Liveshot Productions is a one-stop shop. We provide complete and professional broadcasting services, solutions and equipment for local and international clients. As a team, we produce, shoot, edit and transmit daily for various TV stations. Amongst our clients you will find certified stations such as EBU, Associated Press, CCTV/CGTN, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, RAI, N24 and Deutsche Welle, alongside many other broadcasters from all over the world. Our main office is located in Berlin, Germany, and we also have offices in Tel Aviv, Sydney and Singapore.

At our core, Liveshot Productions is owned by three partners with an average experience of over 30 years in the TV business. Our main partner and investor has been in the TV business since 1980 and is well-established in the industry. Our other two partners operate the business, and both have over 25 years of experience.

With all of our expertise, technology and solutions, Liveshot Productions is here to deliver premium broadcasting support wherever you need it.

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